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Is Facebook Good For Your Business?

According to Facebook, there are over 500 million active users. These are figures which are hard to ignore and make this a potentially great place to market your business. However, it has to be done in the right way for maximum effect. This articles contains some hints and tips to ensure success.

How Do I Successfully Advertise On Sites Like Groupon and LivingSocial?

You’re interested in attempting to use a “deal site” like Groupon or LivingSocial, but you’re also scared. How do they work and what should you expect?

Benefits Of Webinar Marketing For Small Businesses

Webinars are great tools for businesses to use. They can be beneficial in bringing in new business as well as a way to generate extra revenue streams. Learning how to plan, advertise and produce a profitable webinar takes some practice. With a…

Drive FREE Traffic – Top 3 Ways!

Targeted Site Traffic – PRICELESS… In the online business word, TRAFFIC is the buzz du jour! This is true in all businesses… No Traffic = No People, No Customers. An online business is a bit different than a traditional business in that driving traffic is a bit more elusive and the possibilities are endless. In a traditional business you would advertise in your local paper, send our flyers, network with others and give out your business card, put up a sign outside of your business to direct traffic, even build a website… many options that are all very familiar to us.

Starting Out Successfully With Internet Marketing – The Basics

Most business realise that they need to be online. Why? Because there are now over 2 Billion internet users and in 2011/2012 there were 300 billion searches performed and over 500 billion products sold on line. This article discusses some internet marketing basics for those people just starting out…

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