How I Made So Much Money That CNBC Featured Me! 😅

Lee McIntyre’s Instant Internet Lifestyle – How To Chose A Niche Market

In this article i hope i can make choosing your niche market a little easier. This is the most important part in starting your online business, if you get this wrong you are doomed to failure.

Introduction to Internet Marketing (Part 9)

In this part I am letting you in on one of my secrets to success. Building a list has helped me gain an edge over any Internet Marketer out there without one.

Online Marketing – Advantages

How to use the online marketing? What should be considered? Online marketing becomes more and more popular nowadays, it has many advantage.

How To Use Facebook to Get Leads

Businesses these days rely greatly on the power of the internet to reach people beyond the farthest corners of the world. Advertising campaigns and online marketing efforts have reached an all time high as millions of people gather on virtual communities such as social networks. For 24 hours a day, round the clock and at different time zones people are online connecting and reconnecting with both new and old friends; this is the biggest medium where marketing opportunities can be used to its new potential.

Building Brand Success With Video Marketing

Video Sells! Before the internet, before television when every home got a daily newspaper and listened to the radio hours a day, marketers recognized power of moving images and paid to produce commercials to run before movies as part of newsreels. Serious marketers are turning to video to sell and for SEO. When it comes to video marketing there is a lot of noise coming from people who don’t always know what works so I’m going to spell out some tips that will help you develop and start a successful video marketing program of your own.

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