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4 Effective Headline Types

There are 4 different types of headlines you can use to sell your product or service. 1. The Headline Offering A Benefit…

Marketing: If Your Website Doesn’t Make Sales, Check Which End of the Sales Pipe Has Problems

Many small business owners say that they have a website but it’s not generating sales. To fix the problem you have to understand the working of the sales pipe, know what you want (or need) to achieve, and find where the pipe is broken.

How Does Web Promotion Work?

Once your company has designed and built a website, appropriate website promotion is one of the most important things that you should do in order to succeed. There are millions of people on the internet, who all have the potential to visit your business, but in order for them to do this they need to know that your website is there. Without any sort of effective promotion, your website could end up receiving no traffic at all and the money which was spent on designing, making and maintaining it will have been wasted.

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Website Design

Designing and making a website allows you to express the individual nature of your business and show off the ethos of your company to a global audience, as well as providing an excellent way of keeping your customers informed about your company. Designing your first company website can be an exciting experience and there are countless possibilities of the ways in which you can use website design to express yourself. However, there are still some rules which should be followed when you are designing a website. Follow this advice to help you avoid some of the common pitfalls of website design.

Hosting A Website Design Contest

Many small business owners want a website for their company, but do not have enough money to hire an expensive, established professional to design and make one for them. Likewise, many new web designers struggle to get early work when they first set out, without a portfolio of their completed work. A great way to solve both these problems is to host a contest to find a website design and designer to suit your business needs.

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