TOP 5 NICHES 🔥 Print on Demand Niche Research # 125 — (10/02/2022)

Delivering Your Gifts

There are so many ways to deliver your gift of wisdom to those who want it and appreciate it most. The tips booklet is an ideal format for reasons you’ve already considered and others that have yet to occur to you. That applies whether it’s a gift directly from you or a gift from someone who invested in a quantity of your booklets to give to others.

4 Reasons Why You Should Publish An eBook

If you are selling only books on Amazon, then expand your product line to accommodate your readers. This includes offering Kindles, as well as ebooks. This will help you sell more, and it’s not that hard to do.

Marketing Myth Number 1 – BUSTED

A better approach to marketing is to think of marketing like farming rather than hunting. Think of marketing as the way you grow and develop customers. In farming, there are crops for every season. There are crops that are harvested in the spring time, summer time, fall, and winter. When the farmer sows enough seed, he knows he’s going to get a harvest. Marketing works the same way. Plan your marketing so that you are always sowing seeds. By making a habit of always sowing seeds (marketing) for your business, you’ll be assured of a continual harvest.

5 Unique Ideas for Writing Proficient Sales Letters

Sales letters, sent either through snail mail or email are reliable ways of getting your message across. Even if your letter is being read by millions of people, it will still give the feel of a personal message especially if it is written in a conversational and direct tone. To stay on the right track, here are five effective formulas that can work for printed or email letters.

How To Drive Traffic To Your Web Site With An Online Newsletter Or Ezine

Once you start to build your list you can email your subscribers an electronic copy of your newsletter, sometimes called an Ezine. You can include useful information designed to send your subscribers back to your website to check out your new products etc.

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